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We have yet to meet someone who did not adore Kissos! The attraction of the village is it’s simplicity in contrast with it’s stunning church surrounded by a magnificent flag-stoned square with wonderful sea- views.. Kissos is slightly more compact than the other sprawling Pelion villages. Most of the houses and the eating establishments, coffee shops are near to the ornate church of Agia Marina. It was built in 1650 under the Turkish occupation and has beautiful frescos depicting subjects from the new and old testament. The iconostasis carved from the lime tree and gold-plated is reputed to have taken 60 years to complete. The church’s celebration of it’s name day is on the 17th July. Everyone is welcome to join in the festivities with traditional Greek music and dancing.

The villagers live in unity with nature and her seasons and tourism is just an intermittent part of local colour.

HelioDora, with it’s 6 spacious rooms, ornate wooden carved ceilings, cosy breakfast room with fireplace and surrounding courtyards is small and friendly. It is situated within a few minutes walk of the square (50 metres away) and is an ideal base from which to sight-see, whether it is to visit spectacular beaches, other mountain villages, or do some walking on the numerous mule paths around and about.

In the summer months at this location it is possible to escape the intense temperatures of the sea-side resorts and in winter to have the facility of the winter sports close by - meanwhile having a cosy and comfortable base in the mountains to play in the snow, enjoy log-fires, roast chestnuts and experience each unique season in Pelion.