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People in Greece say that if it does not snow on Pelion, there will be no snow in the entire country. This is true most of the time. Few if any are the Christmases without snow on Pelion. Especially at the top of north Pelion, at an altitude of 1200 meters where the little hamlet of Hania [Inns] is straddling the mountain, the snow stays for months. A couple of kilometers outside Hania at Agriolefkes [wild poplars] summit [altitude 1500 meters] is Pelion's skiing center with three long pistes for experienced skiers and ample space for beginners, a 5000-meter endurance piste, a refuge, ski lifts, parking lot and all the necessary amenities. The skiers and snowboarders that flock the area in winter will find accommodation at Hania and the nearby villages of Makrinitsa and Portaria on the west side and Zagora, Kissos, Tsagarada and Mouresi on the east side. While speeding down the ski-runs, the skiers and snowboarders can enjoy breathtaking views of both the Aegean Sea and the Pagasitikos Gulf. On a sunny day the experience is unforgettable.



Join this Tsangarada walk to have a unique experience of walking the centuries-old cobbled mule-tracks under the shade of magnificent chestnut trees, to admire the traditional architecture, to see old churches, to stand in awe of the two great millennium-old plane trees, to get a feeling of what life has until very recently been like, to visit a lovely semi-wild garden, to hear the history and legends of Mount Pelion, the bastion and champion of Hellenism over the millennia.

Duration: Approximately four hours. Actual walking three hours.

Time of day: Late afternoon/early evening.

Starting time: Varies slightly depending on the season.

What you need: We recommend boots or trainers. A bottle of water. A stick would be helpful. A small backpack.

Transport: Those who have their own transport please book with us and we will advise you of the starting point.

Those who require transport please call us and we will make the necessary arrangements.

Price: 25 € per person without transport.

With transport on request.

Children under 12 half price


Full day and/or half-day afternoon walk

On this early morning hike we leave foot and hoof prints embedded in cobbled mule-tracks or footpaths through apple orchards and chestnut forests to descend into a deep densely forested valley where, in springtime, two tumbling rivers form cascading waterfalls which fill impressive rock pools set in peaceful glens with enormous boulders carpeted in green moss.

Participants in the easier, half day, afternoon walk will join at Mouresi Village Square around noon.Then aided by Angelina, an amiable four-legged companion, the group continues on winding paths to a peaceful picnic spot with panoramic mountain and sea views. After a restful lunch break the walkers will amble on slopes in cool, shaded woods passing by springs, churches and an old mill.

Full day walk: Only suitable for fit persons. Steep ascents. In early and late season a river crossing is obligatory. Boots may have to be removed.

Duration: Full day approximately seven hours. Half day three and a half hours. Duration and starting time may be adjusted, depending on temperature and season.

What you need: We recommend: walking boots, cotton trousers and an extra pair of socks. During the first leg of the hike we will pass through scratchy undergrowth. Water bottle and a backpack are a must. A stick is very useful as may be an insect repellent and a sweet snack. Picnic lunch included in the price.

Transport: Those who have their own transport, please book with us and we will advise you of the starting point.

Those who require transport please say so on booking and we will make the necessary arrangements.

Price: per person, full day including picnic 42 € without transport

Price: per person, half day including picnic 30 € without transport

With transport on request
Children under 12 half price

(Should Angelina become unable to join us, a pretty pony named Beba will stand in for her. Any donations of carrots will be gratefully received)